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“… On a plain, ventilated from all winds “(Pascual Madoz, 1845)

Access map to Belmonte de Tajo

Located on a plain between the Horcajo and Valdecabañas hills, it formerly had different names: Pozolos and later Pozuelo de Velmonte. Alfonso VIII gave the land to the Bishop of Segovia, and after various legal actions, all the property and estates in Belmonte and within the town limits were sold to the Order of Santiago in 1295.

Pozuelo de Belmonte was given the honorable distinction of Villa by King Pedro I in 1336, when it was also granted its own jurisdiction and justice system. Following the expropriations in the 16th century, it was transferred to the Crown and became the Condado de Belmonte.

Distance: 55 Km. From Madrid

How to get there: Exit 48 of of Highway A-3. Follow the indication Belmonte de Tajo By the M-404 road M-404 for 5,6 Km.

Altitude: 735 m     |     Extension: 24 Km2     |     Population: 1.618 habitantes

What to see

  • Historic route: Take a walk along our streets, visit Plaza de la Constitución and the 16th century church of Nuestra Señora de la Estrella. Be sure to see the chapel Ermita Nuestra Señora de la O, also known as Ermita de San Isidro.
  • Ethnographic route: Explore the countryside, find huts and cairns, visit the Cross of Aniceto, and take in the Paseo de las Fuentes promenade.
  • Nature route: The stunning natural landscapes that surround us are worth seeing, so be sure to check out the Horcajo and Valdecabañas routes.
  • Wine route: If you love wine, then stop by the Bodega Ecológica Andrés Morate ecological winery and the Cooperativa de Vinos San Isidro de Belmonte wine co-op to get your hands on the excellent wines that are made in this region.

For a great meal, make your way to Hospedaje Rural La Casa Alta, which also has charming rooms for lodging. Food: small game, gachas porridge, patatas chulas potatoes, and wines at any of the local establishments. Where to eat and sleep: La Casa Alta, restored inn. Tel.: +34 91 874 74 33. Shopping: Ecological wines, Bodega Andrés Morate. Open on weekends. Vintage wines, Cooperativa de Vinos San Isidro de Belmonte. Open Tuesday and Saturday. End-of-bin wines at the Cooperativa Ciabel. Open Saturday.

Map of Belmonte de Tajo

Angosta, Calle F-11
Barranco, Calle F-5 / F-6
Barrio Alto, Calle D-6 / D-7 / D-8
Barrio Alto, Trva. D-7
Bosque, Calle F-7 / G-7
Camino Cristo, Calle G-4 / G-5 / F-5
Cara al Cierzo, Calle C-4 / D-4 / C-5
Carrera Honda, Calle B-3/B-4/B-5/ /B-6/C-7/D-8
Castillo, Calle E-5
Cebada, Calle A-6 / B-6
Chinchón, Ctra. A-1 / B-1 /
Colmenar, Ctra. K-5/6-J/I-7/H-7/G-8
Conde de Belmonte, Avda. E-13/F-12/G-12/H-12
Constitución, Plaza D-5 / D-6
Cristo, Calle E-6
Cristo, Cllon F-5
Cuatro Caminos, Calle B-10 / C-9
Cuatro Caminos, Trva. C-10
Emilio Salcedo, Calle G-13 / H-13
Espíritu Santo, Calle D-6 / D-7
Estrella, Calle D-5
Eusebio Cuenca, Calle D-13
Extramuros, Calle C-9
Felipe Serrano, F-9/G-9/G-10/H-10
Felipe Serrano, Trva. H-10
Félix Rguez. de la Fuente, F-6/G-6
Flor, Calle D-7 / E-7
Fuente, Calle D-4 / D-5
Gregorio Romero Alonso, C-11/D-12
Horcajuelo, Cmno. A-10
Hormiguita, Calle H-8 / H-9
J. Carlos I Rey de España, D 6-7-8
La Dehesa, Calle I-8 / I-9
Las Monjas, Calle G-8
Los Pozos, Calle H-8
Luna, Calle E-11
Mariano Germán, Calle C-5
Marqués de España, Calle D-5
Molinos, Calle D-8 / E-8
Noria, Calle F-8 / F-9
Norte, Calle C-5
Obscura, Calle F-6 / E-7 / E-8
Obscura, Trva. E-7
Olivo, Calle B-6
Palacio, Calle E-5 / E-6
Plazuela, Calle C-3 / C-4
Plazuela, Trva. D-3 / D-4
Príncipe de Asturias, Calle D-6
Recuenco, Calle H-9
Río Duero, Calle G-5 / H-6
Río Ebro, Calle G-5 / H-5
Río Tajo, Calle G-5 / G-6
Río Tajuña, Calle H-5 / I-5
San Isidro, Calle D-11 / D-12
San Marcos, Cmno. G-11 / G-12
Senda de la Solana, Calle D-4 / E-4
Sol, Calle C-9 / C-10
Solana Alta, Calle F-4 / F-5
Solana Baja, Calle F-5
Tejera, Cmno. A-3
Terrero, Cmno. F-12 / F-13
Tierra del Agua, Cmno. K-5
Tío Miguel, Cmno. E-4 / F-4
Tomás Díaz Vázquez, Calle D-9/E-10/E-11
Valdelaguna, Ctra. A-2 / A-3
Valencia, Gta. E-8 /E-9
Víctimas del Terrorismo, Calle I-11
Vid, Calle B-6
Villamanrique, Ctra. K-12
Villarejo, Ctra. D-13 / D-14 / C-15
Virgen del Rosario, Calle B-6 / C-6
Virgen del Socorro, Calle C-10 / D-11
Virgen del Socorro, Trva. E-10 / D-11

A glance at our township